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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Julia Bowers

When my husband and I were courting we lived in separate towns and couldn’t afford long distance phone bills (of course, this was before e-mail).  We
would see each other on weekends which made the weekdays very long.

I purchased two bound books with the lined blank pages and we wrote “love letters” to each other in these books during the weekdays which included
questions, thoughts, expectations, current & future plans, dreams, drawings, etc while we were apart.  Then we would exchange the books when we saw each other on the weekend.  During the following week we would read, savor, and answer the love letter by writing in the bound book and then exchange again the next weekend.

It made the weekdays go by with feelings of warmth, awareness and love towards each other without being able to have each other’s presence.
Now after 14 years of marriage this June 6th, I keep these books in our bookcase and periodically read them to recapture memories and rekindle our
love.  It’s interesting to see how things written in the book got written on our hearts and have come true or are things to look forward to making come