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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly Legge

The most romantic and creative love letter that my fiancee ever wrote to me was during a particularly stressful time in our relationship.  We were
living together, but never got to see one another, because he was working nights, and I was working days.

One day (it was near Christmas) he phoned me at work, and we had a bit of an argument over the fact that I felt he wasn’t contributing enough to the
housework and general upkeep of our home.

When arrived home from work that night, after he had gone, the whole apartment was sparkling clean. He’d spent the entire afternoon cleaning up.
On the coffee table was a red rose, and a love note.  The note was more of a story, really.  A tale of how Santa had visited him, and told him that he
hadn’t been treating me very well, and that he should start appreciating what he had in me. It was 3 pages long, and ended with a sincere and
heartfelt apology. It was so touching it made me cry!