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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Gary Holman

A few weeks ago my wife was having a particularly bad day. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Being the insensitive male that I am (by nature) I began complaining about something that had affected us both, but that she had no control over. She got really upset. She told me that she was taking the kids somewhere. She asked me if I was coming and I replied “No”, she gave me a “That figures!” look and was out the door.

I already had an “I’m-sorry-plan” brewing. As soon as she was out the door, I did all the dishes, swept and mopped the house, straightened, put-away and cleaned. When it was about time for her to get home, I poured her a hot bath in the garden tub and lit candles in the bathroom.

She was surprised to see the clean house, but when I said, “I’m sorry I was being a Jerk. Here, your bath is waiting…and no, I don’t expect sex, just get in, relax and unwind, I know you’ve had a bad day that I didn’t help make better. I hope this helps.”

She sat in the bath until after midnight and awoke a different lady the next day. We can’t all be right all the time, but we can do our best to make it right sometimes.