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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dawn Garten

After going to bed angry at my fiance , I woke to find that he’d left a message on the bathroom mirror.  He had used his key to my apartment to sneak in while I was sleeping and used a polaroid camera to snap shots of himself saying ‘I love you’ in sign language.

He had taped the three pictures to the mirror where I wouldn’t miss them.  In the sink were floating candles and rose petals.  I was so excited that even though I was alone I started laughing and crying and telling him how much I loved him as though he were there.  I then saw him in the mirror behind me and he told me that he loved me too.  Of course we were both elated and our tiny little disagreement no longer held meaning.

I will always have those pictures.  It was really clever and I will never forget the feeling of waking up with the dread of facing the argument again and instead finding a token of his love waiting for me!