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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Marie Hatchell

My guy and I both have very stressful jobs. He is an Officer in the Army and I am an assistant talent purchaser for a very popular night club. One night during the week we just couldn’t do anything without getting in one another’s way. By bed time that night we were fighting and could barely stand to look at one another.

When he went to take a shower I called my mom to vent my anger. She asked a very important question “Why are you two fighting?” I couldn’t answer that question because I really wasn’t sure. I hung up the phone and sat there thinking about that question. All I could come up with was that fact that we were both really stressed and were both on edge. It wasn’t because of anything that either of us had done.

I walked to the computer and created a card that said, ” I’ll forgive you” on the outside, and on the inside it said, ” if you forgive me”. I laid it on the bed so he would see it as soon as he got out of the shower. He did and he just walked into the living room and wrapped his arms around me. It turned out to be the cure for our stress.