Making Up

Making Up


submitted by: Pam Wells


romantic heart box make up ideasMy boyfriend and I had a huge spat a couple of years ago, not long before Valentine’s Day. When we still hadn’t been speaking for a few days, I decided to send him some small Valentine’s gifts that I hoped would persuade him to call me again.

One thing I knew he liked about me was my smile, so I bought him a ‘smile in a can’, a cuddly red heart-shaped figure sporting a huge wide grin,┬ápackaged in a coke-sized can. And we’re both pretty complicated people, in one way and another, with many layers to get through in our communication, so I also bought a set of nested heart-shaped boxes. Into the middle box I placed two small heart-shaped chocolates, which I hoped would show him that I still wanted us to be together.

Because I mailed this little package in plenty of time, to make sure it wouldn’t arrive late, he actually received it a day early. He phoned me later that same night, put a really cute Valentine’s card in the post to me, and we’re still together to this day.