Making Up

Making Up


submitted by: Mike Robertson

Singing Young ManSometimes all it takes is to be sincere with an apology to get things rolling. My girlfriend and I had been together for about 8 months when were out to lunch one day. I made a very bad joke over lunch which really hurt and somewhat angered her. We did not talk for the rest of lunch or that day.

She told me she did not want to talk to me. I did not know how long I was supposed to let her cool off. Well that night around 11:30pm I could not sleep and really wanted her to know that I was sorry but I knew if I called her she would not take my call.

So what I did was put 2 CDs in the CD player. Each CD had 1 song we had slow danced too in my living room and that I would cut-up to. Then I called her cell phone and left a message where I was singing with the music in the background. I did this for about the first minute of each song. (Note* I can’t sing a lick!) Then I offered her my sincerest apology and asked her to please find it in her heart to forgive me. I also told her that my humility knows no-end if she will forgive me.

After leaving the message I paged her pager with her cell number so she would check her messages. She called me back that night and we talked and laughed for hours. She also saved my message for all of her friends. Pretty embarrassing but she was impressed that I would do anything for her forgiveness.


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