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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kristina Hagerty

A past relationship we had been in a heated argument. I was trying to make a point but his voice over powered mine and would not hear me. He had ended *his* side of the argument by going into the bathroom and taking a shower.

Well, needless to say *My* Side had not ended and I felt I still needed my point heard. But I knew he was angry and would not listen to me. Well, this
idea came to mind.

I got undressed and walked right into the shower and calmly stated my point. This constructive action defused both our anger because we both were naked and wet. Also, because he totally didn’t expect it and surprised him so much, he finally heard my point rationally because we were both now laughing. Which made me happy (whether he agreed with it or not he listened).

And needless to say it sped up the *Making-up* rather quickly.