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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Emily P.

A few months back when my husband and I had an argument, we were both left pretty down.  I’d wanted to say sorry, but I didn’t know how.  It was a Tuesday night, and I figured he’d go play basketball with his friends from work like he always did that night of the week.

He left at the usual time, and I didn’t think anything of it.  He came in the door with a bag, covering
it secretly, and went straight into our bedroom and locked the door.  I wondered what he was up to, but didn’t want to show it, so I kept reading.

I went into the bedroom a half hour later, and found a new pillowcase on my pillow.  It was cross-stitched in my favorite color, and read, “I’m sorry, and I “heart” U”  It really touched me.  (It turns out he went to his mom’s and had a quick lesson in embroidery  🙂

I lay down, and there was something lumpy in the pillowcase — I reached inside to find a small present!  I cried because it was so sweet.  The best part of it was, we made a permanent way to fix our spats out of it.  I embroidered a pillow saying the same thing, in his favorite color — and whenever one of us wants to say I’m sorry, but we’re just not sure how, we put on the “I’m sorry” pillowcase and
often add a small present inside.  Now making-up is easy and fun.