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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Shauna O.

The best story I have about making up with my husband is the time when we were at an impasse in an argument.  Neither one of us was willing to give in on the issue (I can’t even remember what the issue was now) and we both retreated to our respective offices to give each other some space and get some work done.

While I was working, he sent me an email on my computer stating his position on the argument.  I was able to see what his position was more clearly because he had taken time to write it out. I then replied with my thoughts on the issue.  When he saw my position in writing, he was better able to understand where I was coming from.

We went back and forth for a few emails and were eventually able to come to an agreement.  It was
great to have the time to think out my arguments and present them without hostile words, body language, tone of voice etc.  We then came back together and apologized for our harsh words and forgave each other… the rest of the making up
part must be censored.  🙂

There are definite benefits to marrying a computer geek and having separate offices!