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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christy Hodder

My husband is living in a place a 2 hour drive a way, working as a paramedic. He is home only on the weekends and I have three children, 2 apartment buildings, and our church that he is very involved in to share him with during those two days.

I teach music lessons in the evenings.  He calls
every night and talks to each of the children.  I “RUSH” through my turn anxious to get the children quickly into bed as it is always so late by the time I’m done teaching.  One morning I was very busy and felt the strong urge to call Mark up on his cell and say that I was sorry for not talking as much to him during this temporary job that he is in.

He answered the phone cheerfully telling me that he had a patient to transfer to the city and would be driving on the highway past our town to get there.  It is a long three hour drive.  MY HEART RATE WENT UP TO THINK THAT HE WOULD BE SO CLOSE!

He was passing in 30 minutes and I hung up the phone and got to work.  The highway is a 5 to 10 minute drive.  I would have to boogie!  I took a roll
of old wallpaper and a can of spray paint.  I stretched it across the lawn and sprayed on ” I AM SO CRAZY ABOUT YOU!” on it and while it dried I blew up a few dozen balloons.  I drove quickly to the highway overpass and tied the banner up across the highway with string. and tied all of the balloons
on.  I was just finishing when I realized that what I was doing was illegal! I didn’t think of that while caught up in my deed!

I ducked being the sign and peeked through a crack hoping that he came before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did!  My heart raced again when I saw the white ambulance in the distance.  I jumped up a waved wildly above the sign.   A few cars honked in front of him.  He saw me at a distance and took the off ramp.  I ran like a teenager in great shape to the ramp to greet him.  He jumped out and we kissed…. highly unprofessional but the exit was in the country and there were only cows to witness it.

He jumped back in the ambulance and whistled to me over the loudspeaker.  I sprinted back to my sign to take it down with the hugest smile that lasted for a very long time.  When I got home there was a message on the answering machine.  It was Mark.  He told me that he loved me more than his life and that soon we would have more time together and that he was sorry too.