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submitted by: Jenna Hallquist

My boyfriend was in a car accident, hurt badly for months. He finally got better after yours truly was at his house, by his side the entire time.

He was finally on the mend and decided that he was going out. When he called me to ask if I wanted to join him and his friends I told him I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t go. Assuming, like women do that he would come over and be by my side. I was wrong and it led me to be a little put out and upset. 

After the second time he called still wanting me to now meet them out, he knew I was upset. Next thing I know I was woken up from sleep to a knock at my window. His friends dropped him off, crutches and all with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (my fav) he was completely apologetic asking me if I would forgive him.