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My husband did the sweetest yet, most devilish thing when he proposed.  He makes jewelry by profession.

He had been promising me that for Christmas I was getting my engagement ring for months.  So I was really looking forward to Christmas and the whole idea of being “officially” engaged. 

A few days before Christmas he brought home a box for me that was about the size of a shoe box.  In his line of business they are busy until Christmas day so he always works a few hours on Christmas Eve morning. 

When he came home on Christmas Eve he brought home a small jewelry sized box.  I was so thrilled. I knew my ring was in this box.  So on Christmas morning we awaken to open what “Santa’ had left the kids. He asks which gift do you want to open first?  Of course being so ready for the ring that I quickly replied “the little one!”  I unwrap it so gently wanting to keep the paper and ribbons and all.   I open the box with a huge smile that is followed by tears!  I felt so guilty crying but the ring that was in the box was not an engagement ring but a cheap silver ring that was not very pretty and had black soldering marks on it! 

He is very amused and tries to keep a serious manner about him said “honey I am sorry I wasn’t able to finish paying for your ring this Christmas, maybe Valentines day.”  I told him it was ok and fought back the tears.  I was so anticipating that ring and becoming his wife.  I dried my eyes and kept unwrapping gifts with my kids. 

He then hands me the bigger box he had brought home a few days prior.  I unwrap the gift and it was a beautiful mantle clock.  He comments that we should open it and put it on display. I reply that no we are moving come the first of first of the year and that it should stay in the box until then.  He walks into another room and comes back and says ” but really honey you should open it, it is such a beautiful clock.”  He walks over and hands it to me again.

I look at the picture of the clock on the box and yes it was very pretty and it had a drawer!  I take the clock out of the box.  It was made of very fine cherry wood.  I pull open the drawer to reveal and box of matching cherry wood. Inside of the box was the most beautiful diamond engagement ring!  He drops to his knee and says ” will you marry me?”  I am once again crying and can barely speak.  And say yes.

I still have the beautiful mantle clock in my living room and the wooden box remains inside. As well as the el cheapo silver ring.  It holds almost as much as sentimental value as the real engagement ring.