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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Charlotte R. Wilson

My fiance and I met 10 months ago through an online dating service, and so this Christmas eve, when he wanted to propose to me, he found a special way to incorporate the way we met into his proposal.

All afternoon, my fiance insisted that I couldn’t log onto the internet until Christmas.. he said that my gifts were in the computer room. I agreed to stay out of the computer room (even though the suspense was killing me), and went about getting ready for our friends’ traditional Christmas eve dinner.

When we arrived home after the dinner, he went back to the computer room, and I got dressed for bed. A short time later, Carl called to me to come log into my email account, but not to open anything until he was in the room. So, I logged in and waited for him.

There were three emails in my inbox, two of them were for gift certificates that my fiance had purchased for me and the third was entitled “a question”. In the email, he told me all of the things that had attracted him to me. At the end of the email, it said “All of these things are what have made me fall for you. I would like to ask you a question. Turn around. ” When I turned to where he had been sitting, there was my fiance down on one knee holding the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen asking me to marry him!  I was shaking so much that he barely got the ring on my finger as I said “YES”.

Not many people would want to be proposed to via email, but for us, it was the most appropriate thing he could have done. He put the thought into it to incorporate our past with our future, and I love him for it.