Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposals


submitted by: JoEllen Clive


proposal ideasThe couple that had introduced us, Stephen and Marcie, were hosting an open house to show all the hard work they had done on their home.  All the family and many of our friends were part of the event. A number of people stayed for dinner, and after dinner, Matt went in to “get coffee.” Soon after, Marcie came out and presented me a card – I knew this was it! I opened the card – It said, “I’m waiting for you. I’m in the Living Room. Come find me. All my love, always and forever, Matt.”

I went into the house with Marcie and we went to the Living Room. I expected to find Matt waiting there.  Instead, our song was playing and there was another card placed on the stereo. This card said, “Oh, you missed me. Sorry. Look behind Emily’s kitchen (the play kitchen). I love you!” I went to the play kitchen, and there was a gift bag. Inside was a photograph of the two of us in a beautiful frame, and another card!  This card said, “Getting warmer… But you should probably cool off. Open the Fridge. Oh, I love you more now than a minute ago.”

I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Inside was a bottle of Dom Perignon and another card…. this one said, “Maybe we’ll have a cause to celebrate. Open the door to the foyer. I’m waiting for you.”

In the foyer was a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses – in perfect full bloom surrounded by baby’s breath, arranged in a beautiful vase. And of course, another card!  “Oh, too slow. Try upstairs. Hint… spare bedroom…”

In the spare bedroom was an outfit promised to me by a friend – specifically for a “special occasion.” Great effort had been made to have this outfit tailored to fit me. The accompanying card said, “I hope this fits.  Meet me in the backyard. I LOVE YOU!”

I put on the outfit and made my way (through my tears of joy) to the backyard. Waiting there was Matt and our families and friends, anxiously and excitedly awaiting the proposal they all had known for several weeks was coming. Matt got down on one knee and proposed to me! Of course I said yes! We toasted with the champagne and celebrated with our loved ones. What a beautiful, thoughtful, and romantic time it was!