Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposals


submitted by: Rob Brouillard

glass slipper proposalCorrina and I have been planning the wedding for a while, but I wanted to surprise her with my proposal. I had asked her dad for permission to marry her over Thanksgiving weekend, so her parents knew  something was in the works, but I asked them to keep it a secret. My plan was to propose to her on Christmas Eve, but I kept hinting the proposal would come on Valentine’s Day, to throw her off the scent. I had told her sister that I would do it during the white elephant gift exchange in front of 30 members of her family. I changed my mind, told her sister that I was going to do it on Valentine’s Day to throw HER off the scent also, then told the sister’s husband (Steve) that I WAS going to do it so he could videotape the event. He was the only one who knew.

I wanted to do something to along with Corrina’s wedding Princess theme so I wrote a fairy tale for her using powerpoint. We went to Boise, Idaho for Christmas, and had the white elephant gift exchange Christmas Eve with about 30 people. It was great fun.

Earlier in the day I had put a glass slipper ornament with the wedding ring inside of it in the tree, hidden from view. I had also wrapped the book with a letter to myself from “St. Nick” and another letter to myself from “St. Valentine.”

After the gift exchange, I had asked her niece Marissa to bring the book out of hiding. I had arranged this earlier in the evening. I had attached a note to myself from “St. Nick,” stating that a 100 gallon fish tank was too big for me to bring back home, so he got me a book instead.

I opened it up and read it aloud to the entire family. The general story was that the prince (me) met the princess, fell in love, but needed to present her with a ring and glass slipper to win her hand in marriage. The prince had found the ring, but the slipper was in the land of St Valentine, which may take a while to find. The End.

The ending was a supposed to be a cliffhanger, and it was, because I had surprised everyone there, except Steve, whom I had told so he could videotape the event.

After the story, and a minute or so went by, Steve pulled out a letter from “St. Valentine,”
instructing me to look in the tree to complete my journey. I pulled out the slipper, dropped on my knee, and to the delight of the entire family,  proposed to my love.

She was very, very surprised, a little embarrassed, and happily accepted.