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My fiancée proposed November 6th 2004.  It was the most amazing day of my life and of course a complete surprise.  The proposal started seven months before he got down on one knee, not that I realized it at the time.

He was sending me flowers once a month starting in March.  The flowers in order are



He took a picture of me with each of the flowers “for his monitor at work” and I was too happy getting flowers to see the alternative motive.

About a month after the Echinacea my sister and her husband came up for their one month anniversary and a trip to the Finger Lakes for wine tasting.

It was a great trip that had been meticulously planned.  The day before he went to our favorite winery (Atwater) and dropped off 20 by 30 pictures  of me with each of the flowers with the names of the flowers printed on them. He then went to my parents house to ask permission with a New York Times (another long story about my sister’s engagement which has turned into a family joke).

After we arrived we were tasting the wine and just as a tour bus crowded in the staff revealed the pictures of me to the room. My sister’s husband  looked up and said, confused “Lillie – isn’t that you!” Shocked, I looked up and there were huge pictures of me with the flowers on the wall.

Jason then paraded me into the middle of the crowed and got down on one knee. He of course had recited a poem that he had written especially for the occasion.

I realized (after looking at the photos) that the flowers that he had sent had a secret message and  the photos of the flowers revealed it in a more obvious way. I’m glad he had given up on the subtleties and asked me to be his wife in a way that could not be mistaken!

I was in such shock I gave him my right hand, I started to put out my left which he snatched and presented a gorgeous ring to seal the deal. After  nearly knocking him to the ground with a big hug I managed to say yes as soon as enough of the shock wore off. We celebrated with Champagne; he even had them make us our own label, with names and date!

I was amazed by his creativity and planning and I know that I can look forward to many more surprises in the years to come.