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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michelle

My boyfriend (at the time) and I went to his family reunion He had about 300 relatives there. He had invited me to the reunion but forgot to tell me it was going to be held at a man made lake and I hadn’t brought a swim suit with me.

His cousin who was a bit bigger than me insisted on me borrowing her 2 piece swim suit.  The suit was loose but I figured would be ok for swimming. Everything was going well until I jumped off the diving board.

While coming to the surface I lost the bottoms. The water wasn’t as clear as a swimming pool… thank god for that ….  but it made the bottoms harder to find. When Roy came over to see why I was in the same spot for so long he almost drowned from laughing.

As I kept searching with my legs he dove down under to look. I thought things could not get worse, especially with so many people jumping off the dive around me but it did. The two life guards blew their whistles for everyone to get out of the water so they could be accounted for.

This was a public lake open to all people and time out would last about 15 to 20 minutes. Both of us were in shock. Roy dove under another time to search while I paddled slowly towards more shallow water, about chest high.  By this time everyone was out of the lake except for Roy and me.

The life guards were blowing their whistles and screaming for us to get out when I felt Roy’s arms go around me and he yelled back… I just asked her to marry me and we aren’t coming out till she says Yes.

Now we had the attention of everyone on shore as well as their approval. I just wanted to hide from all their stares. I looked up at Roy and he said, I am serious, Will you marry me?  I started to cry and said, Only if you find my bottoms.

He said here they are and held them up in the air. To this day I don’t know what all the people on shore thought but I screamed yes and slid into them as quick as I could. He held up the back of the bottoms as we walked out of the lake and he has been holding me up in his heart for the past 32 years now.