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I had my mom and sister place some balloons with with clues attached in the various ‘1st’ places (1st met, 1st held hands, 1st kiss, 1st ‘I love you.’, etc..) we had shared around town.  Each clue would give a hint about where Twyla and I shared the next 1st and I would drive her to that spot.

The final clue took us to the restaurant we 1st ate together.  We had a wonderful dinner together talking.  Afterwards, I said I was exhausted from getting her scavenger hunt arranged and asked if we could go rest at her place.

When she opened her door, she saw a trail of Hershey’s kisses on the ground.  (I already had this in place, too, of course.)  The trail led to her bathroom which had rose petals covering her bathtub (explanation coming…).  I then said I had a guessing game that I wanted to play with her and had her go set down in the living room.

The ‘game’ was that she had to guess what things a princess couldn’t live without.  Since she was already getting a little excited and anxious, it was more of me just telling her, but it didn’t take anything away.

I said a princess can’t live without a garden, so I gave her two dozen red roses.  She can’t live without sweets, so I gave her some of her favorite candy and chocolate.  She also can’t live without her crown, so I gave her a toy tiara and scepter.
Finally, I said, “A princess can’t live without a prince.”  I then got on one knee, and pulled out the box.  Then I said, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on (Hershey kisses on the floor) and showered you with roses (petals in the bathtub), will you please be my princess forever?”  She was crying and nodding yes as I put the ring on her finger.

We got married six months later and just celebrated our 3 year anniversary, which happened right after the birth of our daughter, Devan Danielle.  I guess you could say this prince and princess are living happily ever after.