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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Amber Scott

My husband proposed to me in a very unique way. The day started off just like any other except that my husband had flown in to see me (we were stationed at different bases). So I picked him up at the airport and then we drove home.

Later on that night, we took a walk down to this little creek behind my house and there is this huge banyan tree back there that over looks the creek. We usually climb up to “our spot” and just talk or hold each other so it wasn’t unusual that we climb up there.

Once we got up there, I noticed that he had carved our names and that days date into the tree. I asked him about it and he said that I should check it out. When I touched the bark that it was carved on, it fell away and behind it was this big acorn (by then I was so confused because obviously an acorn didn’t belong in this tree) and a very ornate looking key.

I turned to him and he said that he loved me so very much and that he couldn’t imagine his life without me. So if I accepted his heart, that I could have the key to his heart (which explained the key) and if I felt the same way as he did, I could open the acorn. When I did, I saw this stunning antique ring in there and I started crying. He asked me to marrying him and I of course said yes.