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submitted by: Bill

massage-trainingMy wife doesn’t like other people to massage her so I took my original private training from a masseuse of over thirty years experience, this was done in order to provide my wife with a weekly massage, which she loves.

Then we went to the Far East where we studied aromatherapy massage training in Hong Kong.

I also took:

  1. Lessons during three different trips while to Thailand.
  2. Ayurvedic massage training from an Ayurvedic doctor in Qatar for one year and then went to India where I received several lessons in Ayurvedic massage.
  3. Classes while in Mongolia.
  4. Completed courses for two years and became certified as a Reiki Master.
  5. I further took additional oriental massage lessons from an organization in Kowloon for ten months.

Now we enjoy the pleasure of a massage exchange almost weekly.  It has become a wonderful way to bond.