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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cherie

While many people opt for expensive sensual lotions, body butters, and massage oils I like to keep things simple and natural. In the winter time when our skin starts to get itchy and dry from less moisture in the home thanks to our wood burning stove and forced air heat we turn to ordinary kitchen supplies and old fashioned time tested homemade recipes.

Not only is it fun to create our own special massage kits but we add to the excitement by blindfolding theblindfold-massage receiver. We usually start by giving our bedroom a good cleaning. We remove anything that could distract or interrupt a night of pleasure. No phones, no work of any kind and we never have a television in our room. Music is ok as long as its soft background.

A warm soak in the tub is usually the best starting point. While he’s soaking I’ll gather my supplies. Exfoliating gloves, latex gloves, honey, olive oil, cornstarch,  feathers, ice cubes, our favorite wooden rolling moose massager, even our hand held electric neck massager.

I go around the room lighting scented candles and preparing our bed with extra pillows, layers of towels. extra sheets and even a drop cloth could come in handy especially when you are working with olive oil.

After washing the receivers body slowly and sensually I’ll towel dry him and wrap him up in a terry cloth robe, blindfold him and lead him to our bedroom. The robe can be removed but the blindfold must stay. I like him to smell the candles, feel the warmth of the room, and notice the different textures of everything from the bedding to the things I will touch his entire naked body with. It’s the element of surprise and tenderness that gets him every time!