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submitted by: Summer

surprise-massageLast year for my birthday my husband bought a gift card for an entire day at a spa. I was so excited so I went very quickly, the next week in fact. The massage was the last part of my day and when I went in I was so relaxed and comfortable that I just laid down on the table and closed my eyes.

The masseur came in a few minutes later and started to work and it felt so good that I eventually fell asleep. I was asleep for just a few minutes when the masseuse started getting a little fresh. I thought maybe it was a slip of the hand or that it was an accident so didn’t say anything until the second time that his hand “slipped” I said “HEY!! I’m a married woman!”

As soon as I said that the masseuse slipped WAY too far so I turned around to slap him. When I got up from the table my husband was standing there with a sly grin on his face.

When I saw him there I was so surprised that I wanted to ask him what he was doing there but before I could he grabbed me, laid me down on the massage table and we made love.