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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dale Sikes

I married my bride in 1974. We were both young and athletic. She had played field hockey in high school. In 1990, she contracted Eosynaphelia Myalgia Syndrome. This disease was caused by a reaction to L-Trytophan which simply said manifests itself much like Fibromyalgia on steroids.daily-massage

One of her reactions to the drug was muscle pain and stiffness especially aggravated by any type of repetitive motion. Since 1990, the only way she can relax has been for me to give her a massage each day. This has allowed me to get to know her body in an ever deeper way.

These long massages help to meet her needs on a physical basis as well as a way to show my love for her each night as we prepare for bed. Now we plan our vacations around warmth and hot tubs and avoid cold and rain and any type of repetitive motion.