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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Chas Lisk

couples cruise massageWhen we went on our cruise last year I looked at the different things my wife and I could enjoy together.  One of the choices was a couples massage.  This was scheduled for the 3rd of 7 days on our cruise.  The 1st day was hectic and busy, the 2nd day was out to sea and we enjoyed the food and looked at the sunset.

The morning of the 3rd day we woke up and both looked forward to our massage.  We ate breakfast.  Then took a shower together (in those tiny showers) put on our fluffy white robes.  Hand in hand we walked to the elevator and went up to the deck where the spa was.  We didnt wait long and we were in the room together with the 2 masseuses.

The soft music played, the sway of the boat, the gentle massage relaxed us and made a very romantic occasion. After the massage we finished with the sauna, walked back to the cabin hand in hand and made love.