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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dean D. Froese

Discount-MassageMy wife works in the health industry, which means that her schedule is not Monday to Friday, nine to five. On occasion, she will work long stretches, largely due to staff shortages in the health industry.

She was on two days off, during the middle of last week, and had just finished a seven day stretch. I could tell that she was tired and worn out. I have given my wife massages in the past, but not what you would call a therapeutic rubdown. I leave that up to the professionals, well, sort of.

Spas are usually quite expensive, but there are ways of enjoying the spa experience, without the high price. I had heard from a friend that the training academies let their students, as part of their curriculum, practice on the general public, at a fraction of the cost, of what a regular day spa would charge. Salon services, aesthetics, cosmetology, and massage are all offered, in a quiet, day spa atmosphere.

I mentioned to my wife that maybe we should go for a little daytrip, to a larger neighboring city just an hour away. Do a little shopping, go for a nice dinner, just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Little did she know, that I had set up a surprise massage and manicure for her that afternoon, at that day spa. She really enjoyed herself, being pampered and catered to. She still talks about how nice the day was!