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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tiffany Bird

swedish-massage-giftOne year for Valentine’s day I decided to give my husband a “Trip around the World” without leaving our area.  I created a passport that we could later add pictures in, each page of the passport listed a destination but had no other information.  We “visited” the following places throughout the course of the day:

France – French toast breakfast in bed The Amazon – A trip to our local Science Center and an IMAX movie on the Amazon Mexico- Lunch at a Mexican restaurant
India – Checked in at a themed hotel room
Sweden – A full-body massage with oil, candles,relaxing music
Outer Space – Dinner at a local restaurant called The Galaxy in a private room.

At each destination we took a picture or two to include in the passport so there would always be a memory of our special day.  We had a great “trip” and a wonderfully romantic day together!