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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Rachael Krissel

leg-massage-for-truckersMy boyfriend and I live 450 miles apart. I am a teacher in Texas and he still lives in Colorado where we met. He is absolutely amazing about driving down to see me as often as he can. It is a 7 hour drive and a very boring strip of land to drive through.

So the last time he came down to see me, I made sure it was worth his while. He arrived at my house at 7 in the morning, after driving all night after working an 8 hour shift. I knew he was stressed and every muscle in his body would be tight and tense.

When he arrived, I had candles burning and the bed was ready for him to just lay down and relax. I gave him a full body massage, making sure to focus on his back and legs, since they were the parts that would have felt the drive the most.

By the time I was finished, he had fallen completely asleep. He slept peacefully and was ready to enjoy our time together when he woke up. The massage worked and he has asked several times for a repeat the next time he comes down to visit.