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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Anastasia Kulpa

shoulder-massageMy beau is a concert violinist, so he builds up a lot of tension in his back and neck. He’s also a singer, so to perform at his best, he needs to be able to expand his lungs all the way (tough to do when your back is all knotted up).

I’ll usually rub his shoulders once or twice a day, just because he enjoys it, but I am by no means a professional. When he was away from home in rehearsals for a choir concert, I picked him up on his lunch break, and took him in to a spa for a back massage while I ran to pick up lunch (and lots of water, both for post-massage and for singing).

When he came out, he said he felt at least an inch taller, and after rehearsal he said that he was able to hold his notes noticeably longer, and had a better sound. He still talks about it as being a sweet gesture.