Military Romance

Military Romance


submitted by: Christa

romantic-binder-hole-punch-dating-ideas-military-romance-emails-saved-memoriesMy husband has been in the Navy going on 5 years now so I feel like a seasoned pro at this.  There are many things we do to keep romance in our relationship. When the guys go out to sea it is hard to keep in touch especially with snail mail but for the most part we are able to communicate through emails.

Starting the very first deployment my husband ever went on I started printing out the emails we sent back and forth to each other whether they were good emails or even maybe an argument email because I thought when he gets out of the Navy we can look back on those emails and learn from them to the good days, (what was working then?)  Or the bad days, (how can we improve on that?)

He would write me sometimes 3 to 4 emails a day and I would do the same so these emails started getting very big very fast and I got a three ring binder to keep them in and pretty soon I had to go buy a new one!  I kind of felt bad though because some wives didn’t even get 1 email a day! But I did feel lucky that my husband cared that much about me! So now we have these NOVELS! haha! of our love story!

Also as a special treat last time he was out I had our (mine and our kids) picture taken and put on a pillow case and I got these special photo frames from Radio Shack where you can record your voice and it can be played back to the receiving person and I recorded a sexy, sentimental message to my husband and put in pictures of us, and my kids recorded a message to their daddy about how much they missed him and loved him and then we put in pictures of the kids in that frame, and we sent them out!  He got them and he said it was the best present he ever received!