Military Romance

Military Romance


submitted by: Dena


romantic-coffee-beans-12-different-kinds-dating-ideas-military-romanceMy husband has been deployed three times since 9/11.  First to Afghanistan for 8 1/2 months, then to Iraq for 6 months, and then to Iraq again for 8 months which is where he is now.  I am excited to say that he is returning this week 🙂  Yipee!!!

It has always been difficult to find time to do special things for each other while we are apart, but absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Before Christmas last year, he commented that the coffee at his base in Iraq was HORRIBLE.  So, I found a very cool online coffee shop that sells coffee by the half pound and has a lot of different flavors to choose from.

I took hours to choose the perfect combinations of coffees and decided to do “The Twelve Days of Christmas”  for him. Once I received all the coffees, I carefully wrapped each one individually, wrote a little card to go with each and designated which day he could open them.

Each card contained a clue to what kind of coffee was inside, and each coffee “name” pertained to something that was about us.  For example, one coffee was named “Pina Colada” and I wrote, “I can’t wait to take you on our honeymoon so that you can savor the flavor of one of these while laying on the beach next to me!!”

I received a phone call from him on Christmas Day, and he kept thanking me for putting so much thought into each gift.  He said that he felt so close to me even though we were so far apart. Each night, he and his roommates would try to figure out what flavor was in each package, and then they all would enjoy AWESOME coffee together while trying to keep the Christmas Spirit alive.

After 7 1/2 years of marriage, and many months and years apart, we are finally going on a honeymoon to Hawaii, and I am proud to be paying for it with my earning from a home-based business that I have been doing for almost two years. The military life is challenging, but with a little creativity and thought, romance can stay alive even when you are thousands of miles apart.