Military Romance

Military Romance


submitted by: Victoria


romantic longdistance cookiesMy boyfriend Kevin and I are both in the military. I am in the reserves and he is on active duty. His schedule leaves very little time for us to be together because we live in different states.

Modern technology has been a Godsend in our relationship. Thank God for cell phones, instant messaging and email! We often send pictures of ourselves to one another, and send little messages daily using email or text messages. Being so far apart has actually strengthened our relationship-the time we have together is cherished. Writing and responding to letters and messages has allowed us to learn so much about each other.

One of the things I like to do is to send him homemade cookies with a special message. I place them in an empty oatmeal tub, and cover the outside with a special letter written on fancy paper. He has to turn the tub around and around to read it, and sometimes I even incorporate some riddles.