Military Romance

Military Romance


submitted by: Tammi

Cds long distance militaryMy Fiancé is in Kuwait and has been there since October. We write emails back and forth a lot and real letters too. He calls a few times a week also.

Back when we were dating and before he got deployed, we would talk on the phone every night before going to sleep and every morning when we got to work. David gets up early now since there is a 9 hour time difference, gets to a computer at 6am his time, 9pm my time, so we can chat for about 15 minutes.  He says this makes it all better, getting to talk to me before he starts his work day like we always have. For me, its getting to talk to him before I go to bed at night. We can usually do this about 5 nights a week.

He loves cajun food, so I keep him stocked in jambalaya that you just microwave. We are also emailing the 1000 questions three at a time back and forth to each other. That has been so nice! We are learning a lot about each other and having so much fun doing it! I recommend it to anyone who has a lover overseas!

I also sent him a personalized romance novel. He is enjoying that and he is going to send it to me when he is finished with it. He made me a video on his digital camera telling me how much he misses and loves me and burned it on a disc and sent it to me. When I get really lonely, I watch it. It is so sweet.