Military Romance

Military Romance


submitted by: Amanda

love dog tagsWith my fiance in the military, romance is sometimes a little hard to do.  I have made many different items that I have mailed to my sweetheart.

1.  I took a potato and cut it in half.  Then, with a knife, I carved an X on one side and an O on the other.  Then with red paint, I stamped red X’s and O’s all over the boxers.  I then painted my lips with the same red paint and kissed the boxers as well.  Just make sure it’s non-toxic paint if you put it on your lips!

2.  I made a pillow case with iron-on transfers of our pictures.  I then put a little note on the bottom that read: So how’s this for “sleeping with me?”  He absolutely loved it!

3.  Another item that Scott still keeps set up in his room is a Build a Bear that I put a voicebox into.  I let him know that I would still be there waiting for him when he returned home, etc.

4.  Inside Wal-Mart at the front door, there are tags that you can have engraved with your pets name, etc.  So, I had a tag made that had a very romantic saying so he could wear it with his dog-tags.

5.  I also decorated the outside of every care package I mailed.  Not only did the box include the address, customs labels, etc, but I also drew pictures.  My favorite was the “You are my sunshine…” all around the perimeter of the box.

6.  For my soldiers birthday and any other holiday, I made him a cake.  Not just a regular cake, but I made it in a mason jar and it can be eaten with a spoon.  Wrapped in bubble wrap, it’s easy to ship and lasts for 3 MONTHS!!  The trick is, put the seal on while it’s still hot so that it seals properly.

7.  At Christmas time, instead of hanging up ornaments on my tree, I had yellow ribbons.  Not just any ribbons though, I wrote the name of every soldier in Scotts platoon on a ribbon and then tied them to the tree.  I then took pictures of each ribbon and mailed them to each soldier as the front of a Christmas Card.  This may not sound Romantic, but Scott thought so because I had taken the time to remember other soldiers in his platoon that may not have received anything for Christmas.