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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mark Maddoux

I wanted to make Mother’s Day a little more special than in the past. You know something besides your basic sappy card. So I thought that I would make a tape of my two boys telling why they think their mother was the best in the world. 

I told them to act like they would not see her for a long time. My youngest went first. He told my wife how that she was wonderful and the best Mom in the world. He then tells her how he remembers how she used to read him a story “I love you forever”. He says that he remembers that she could not finish the story without crying. He ends his part by telling her that now he can say “I love you forever, I’ll like you for always, and now and forever my mommy you’ll be.”

My oldest son then got on the tape and told her how great she was and that he remembers how that she always listened to his problems and took time to help him. He also thanked her for staying home with him when he was a baby and giving up her career to do this.

Well I edited the tape and had my youngest say “Good Morning Mommy, Time to wake up. Happy Mother’s Day!!” We then recorded a song by Vince Gil followed by the recording of the two boys and me. I then put this in my alarm clock and set it to play the tape at 8:00am.

We were already up and she was about to leave the room about 7:45am and I told her that she had to stay in bed until 8:00am. She asked me if the boys were going to do something then and I said yes. I then asked her if she wanted something to drink and went to the kitchen to get us something. Right on time I heard “Good Morning Mommy, time to wake up. Happy Mothers Day!!” Then I heard her laugh out loud.

The song played and then I heard both boys on the tape followed by my own voice. I then went into the room and received a big hug by my wife who was crying and told me that that was the sweetest thing that she had ever received. She told me no matter what else we gave her that was the best Mother’s Day gift she had ever gotten. 

Oh and by the way, the boys also gave her a new copy of “I’ll love you forever”, but this copy was signed by both of them and dated Mother’s Day 1999. She read it to them and yes, she cried the whole way through.