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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michael D Grady

When my wife and I married we went to South Texas and spent a couple of days just enjoying ourselves. On the way back we stopped on the side of a deserted strip of highway where, the bluebonnets where thick and luscious. We took a couple of pictures of each other lying in them and such and the waited for the sun to set. At that time we discussed the names of our children and dreamed how our life would be in the future. 

I took a Bluebonnet and laid it across her chest. I then said, “This flower represents our love, as long as the bluebonnets bloom in Texas I will always love you.”

I still have that flower today. For Mother’s Day my two daughters and I are going to make a picture frame type deal with the bluebonnet pressed between two pieces of glass. Next to the bluebonnet, I will put the phrase, “This flower
represents our love for you, as long as the bluebonnets bloom in Texas, we will always love you!”