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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Sue Gallen

A few years ago, my husband gave me the greatest Mother’s Day gift.  At the time I was working part time from 1-6pm supervising a child care center. 

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, I got in my car at 12:40 to head to work and there was a large envelope on my steering wheel.  On the outside of the envelope it said, “Do NOT start your car!  Instead follow the directions on the inside of this envelope.”

Inside the envelope was a letter and 3 other envelopes (numbered 1, 2 & 3).  The letter explained that my husband had called my supervisor at work and gotten a substitute for me for the day.  I was to open the envelopes 1 at a time. 

The instructions inside envelope #1 would tell me when to open #2, etc.  The first letter told me to go so many blocks, so many miles, etc.  It was like a scavenger hunt.  It took me to a local spa.  When I got there I had an appointment for a massage.  After the massage one of the staff members came up to me and gave me a flower.  Then I had an appointment to have my hair styled.  When I was finished I got another flower.  

The second envelope game me additional directions to the salon where I normally got my hair done.  When I got there I was given a flower.  I then had my make-up done.  When that was finished I got another flower.  Then I had a manicure, plus another flower on my way out.  The directions in the third envelope took me to a local hotel.  

I went to the hotel desk and was given another flower and another envelope.  Inside that envelope was a room key.  I went to the room and on the bed was one of my outfits and another 10 flowers (plus an empty vase on the dresser).  There was also a note saying to get changed and meet in the in the hotel bar in 1 hour.  I met him in the bar for a drink and then we left the hotel and went to dinner.  Then back to the hotel overnight.  

This mother’s day was so great.  I had just had my second child 5 months prior and not only did Joe do all this for me, he also arranged for a babysitter for both the boys.  I am so lucky to have a man who loves me so much.

(editor’s note: an overnight stay away from your infant is not always a good idea — especially if it is nursing. Some mother’s would have a terrible time being away from their baby overnight so make sure you know how your wife would feel before planning a trip like this.)