Movie Dates

Movie Dates


submitted by: Shannon Lange


movie date in the dark ideaThe most memorable movie event that my boyfriend and I have had was on our 6 month anniversary of dating. We had planned to have dinner at a nice restaurant, and then go see a movie. We were eating dinner, and a bad thunderstorm rolled in. As we were finishing, the whole area lost power, including the movie theatre.

We rented a movie instead, and went back to my house to see if the power would still be on in that area of town. It was not, so we sat in the dark together and had a nice long conversation, recalling the highlights of our relationship thus far, and some hopes for the future. Finally, the power came back on and we watched the movie on a blanket by candlelight….it was a horrible movie, but a far more memorable evening than if we had simply sat in a movie theatre.


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