Unique Movie Dates

Unique Movie Dates


submitted by: Carrie Padgett

beach movie dateOne night when our kids were all out of town, I planned a special movie night for my husband and me.

I rented “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” although any beach or ocean theme movie will work.  I sent my husband a beach party invitation at work and left a blow up pool toy in his car.  When he got home, tiki torches were burning in the yard.  I had inflated several more pool toys, set up beach chairs in the living room, fixed dinner, put on my swim suit, and had blender drinks ready. We ate our dinner in the beach chairs while we watched Stella getting her groove back.

It was simple but lots of romantic fun.  This was in early April while the weather was still a little cool, but that only added to the fun of the beach party.