New Year's

New Year's


submitted by: Michael Webb, Author, The Romantic's Guide


breakfast in bed

For nearly everyone, January 1 is a day off from work. We often need it as we are up late the night before “ringing in the New Year.”

So the first day of the year is a time to sleep in. And what do I associate with sleeping in? Breakfast in bed!

Now this isn’t your ordinary breakfast. This is one served by Baby New Year himself (or herself). For this, you will need to go out and buy a costume. For starters, you will need a white sash with “Happy 20__” or something similar written on it. If you ever desired to be in a beauty pageant, but never got the chance, now is your opportunity to strut your stuff.

If you have baby cutlery and plates around, you can continue the Baby New Year theme or you can prepare an elegant breakfast in bed without even having to turn on the stove.

One thing is for certain. This is a January 1st that will not soon be forgotten.