New Year's

New Year's


submitted by: Howie


road driving new yearsThe love of my life and I drove two hours north to a bigger city that is known for it’s entertainment. We had to escape the humdrum surroundings that we were accustom to where we were from. 

The drive northward was made pleasant with the purchase of small snack items from the grocery store. Bite-size crackers, cheese strips, grapes, small easy opening can of fruit cocktail, pack of napkins and cutlery for two. Drinks were a nonalcoholic fruit flavored bubbly. The music was pre-selected prior adventure of love songs of our past.

As I drove our car with a set cruise control just at the speed limit, I didn’t want to spoil the ride with acts of road rage, or shorten the romantic sounds of me nibbling on her fingers. She fed me as slices of cheese on a cracker and I dropped grapes into her mouth. We thought it was the most romantic ride of our life. It was somewhat disappointing when we reach our destination and had to get ready for our night out on the town. 

After paying two hundred dollars for dinner that was just so-so, and for seats in a crowded new years countdown. We realized during the ride home, we should have just extended our ride to last throughout the evening and celebrated as we drove together into the new millennium anywhere we wanted.