New Year's

New Year's


submitted by: Donna Marshall


sealed new years traditionEach New Years my honey and I write each other a love letter. Our letters include our feelings for one another, special events that occurred during the year that are meaningful to us, and our hopes and dreams for the year to come. We do not allow each other to read the letter at this time. We seal the letters. We use those old-time wax seals with our initials: both “D”.

This year we celebrated at home so we had candles burning & soft music playing. We used the candles flame to melt the wax and seal our envelopes. Next year we shall present each other with the letters. It’s something special and personal to look forward to every New Years. It’s a real treat to see what we were feeling and thinking a year ago that day. I have received beautifully composed letters from my love. I keep them in a book year by year. I will cherish these letters the rest of my life. It’s a New Years tradition I am glad we started. 


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