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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Carla S

About a year ago I was feeling a little lonely and depressed because my husband’s job kept him away 5-6 nights a week and the only DAY we have off together is Sunday and he  spends a lot of that time at the gym or doing errands, while I sleep because of me working ’till 3 am in the morning.

To help me not feel so lonely and missing him he took pictures of himself with the digital camera, printed off copies of them on the computer and made some things for me. He made me:

– fridge magnets, about 5 of them. all of different poses, so that I could see him anytime I was in the kitchen

– a couple bookmarks so that I could look at him no matter how many books I read

– stickers so that any place the magnets wouldn’t stick I could put a sticker

– one he put on the screensaver so anytime I checked my e-mail, he was there

– and a T-shirt so that on those nights he wasn’t home I could still go to bed beside him

This was very touching and welcomed (it helps that he is muscular and attractive too! My own Chippendale!)  He made me laugh, feel special and remembered all at the same time.