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My husband has indicated that he wishes to follow the traditional list for anniversary gifts.  Last year, number 5, was “wood”.  My husband is a brilliant wonderful guy deserving of even more than the most special idea I could come up with.

I had seen a poster with some wording used for the Apple Computer “Think Different” campaign along with photos meant to be examples.  The words were “Here’s to the crazy ones….” and went on to describe people who thought ‘outside of the box’, accomplished the supposed impossible like putting square pegs in round holes and made an impact on the world such as Albert Einstein and Ghandi.

It seemed to me that Ken’s picture should be included on that.  He is a brilliant Medical Physicist who “thinks different” but is gifted with the ability to be able to explain his “crazy ideas” so even those of us who have trouble thinking outside of the box can truly understand.  I honestly believe that in his lifetime he will (at least) be nominated for a Nobel Prize!

I made up my own poster slightly altering the words and inserting carefully chosen photos.  I thought about those people who Ken has told me about, those who have made a difference in his life and encouraged him to “think different”.  With the help of the web – you can find just about anything on google! I was able to find photos of the people I needed.  Among these were Ken’s favourite professor in undergraduate Engineering Science, his PhD supervisor, Albert Einstein (physicist who also emphasized the importance of having fun) and Richard Feynman (famed physicist and author of several books including “What do you Care What Other People Think”).  Of course I also included a photo of Ken.

I framed my creation in a lovely wooden frame and
presented it on the appointed day.  I was so delighted that Ken liked it so much.  It now hangs in his office in the most prominent position.

It sometimes worries me that he sees it every day. “Does he really need to be encouraged?” I sometimes groan as I see the gizmos that are invented, built, modified, redesigned and tested around our home.  And I see how happy he is when he is putzing around the house and I know he’ll always have my support. The “house” I refer to , by the way, is the “wood’ he gave me for our anniversary!