With Photographs

With Photographs


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romantic puzzle honeymoon photo ideasMy husband and I were going away for a special weekend at a bed and breakfast. We have always enjoyed doing puzzles together. I had told him about finding a very cute puzzle of a bobcat kitten a couple weeks before and that I had bought it for our trip.

I then ran around our town to find a place that made puzzles. I took a photograph from our honeymoon with me and had a local photo place make it into a puzzle. I took me quite awhile to figure out how to get the puzzle/picture of us into the bobcat kitten puzzle box.

Steaming the box open and using clear glue to re-seal made it appear that it had never been opened.  Halfway through what my sweety thought was a puzzle of a kitten he looked up and gave me the biggest smile: he had figured it out. We spent a wonderful afternoon remembering our trip together.