With Photographs

With Photographs


submitted by: Jennifer

romantic photo family t shirt ideasFor my husband’s birthday last year, I collected some digital photos of our children, dog & cat, and the two of us from WAY back in the day.  Using my color printer, I printed these photos individually on Iron-On Transfer paper (from Kinko’s).

My kids helped me cut out the photos, and then I let them decide how to arrange them for their daddy. We had about 25 photos in all, some big, some small, and we arranged them all over the front & back of the white t-shirt I bought at the craft store.

Photos of each of the kids took up the sleeves. My sweetie was delighted that we’d done his gift as a family project, and he wears his shirt proudly when we go out as a family.  My kids stand a little straighter too, knowing that they played a big part in his family pride. It was a few hours of time and a few bucks to show him a lot of love.