With Photographs

With Photographs


submitted by: Kristina Hagerty

romantic travel photo ideas puckered lipsSince my love travels A LOT I decided that I would take a picture of myself with a sad/pouty face holding a sign I made that read; ‘My heart and soul is incomplete when you are away from me… I love and miss you BIG time!’

I placed the picture in his suit case between clothes so when he unpacked he would find it.

I also included another picture that was a close-up of my ‘puckered’ lips, I wrote a love letter and included this picture inside. The foot or rather ‘lip’ note read; ‘these are my virtual lips, in which you can kiss whenever you think of me and miss me or just feel the need to kiss me. Every kiss I will feel no matter how much distance separates us, until that distance is shortened to where you can actually kiss these lips for real!’. Now, he takes it with him every time he travels.