With Photographs

With Photographs


submitted by: Nancy

romantic photo album happy ideaMy gift was not something I handed my husband, but something I became. Our life together had been a physical and emotional roller-coaster for fifteen years, when we hit our absolute low. In the depths of self-pity, I went to the Lord in prayer, and was very shocked when He began to show me how I had treated my husband, and how I had made him feel. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, to really look at myself.

Over time, I made up my mind that my husband was going to have the loving, praying wife he should always have had, and if it was too little too late to save our marriage, so be it. He was going to have it anyway. Our situation at the time, however, was much less than conducive to the changes I had decided to make. My natural feelings for him were anything but loving.

One of the things I did to change this was to pull out a small photo album and fill it with every good picture I had of him, and of the two of us having a good time together. I kept the best one where I could see it all day at work, and I made it a point to bring out this album every day and focus on the good times we’d had, to remind myself that we had way too much invested in one another for me to just throw away our relationship.

In the end, with the awesome help of the Lord, that absolute low eventually became the threshold of a new beginning for us, and neither one of us is the same person we used to be. It was really all the Lord’s doing, but I might not have let him do it without those pictures.