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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kylie

For gifts that I give to my boyfriend on holidays or any other time, I look for old pictures of the two of us in my photo boxes that he has most likely forgotten about and that I haven’t used for anything else.

I choose a matching color of oaktag (if in a pinch, construction paper works just as well) and paste the picture on top.  Using scissors or an exacto knife, I cut out our silhouettes only (make sure to cut out all of the background).  Using a threaded sewing needle I run a piece a string through the picture in a non-conspicuous place and then tie the picture to the gift with the string.

For a message on the back (on the oaktag or construction paper), you can do the normal “to” and “from” if you want to, but if there is more room, it is fun to make your mate guess the time that the picture was taken (since the background of the picture is not visible) by giving a short little rhyme as a clue.

My boyfriend loves these gift tags, since it is almost as much fun as what is actually inside the package, plus he keeps each and every one of them.