With Photographs

With Photographs


submitted by: Perri Jackson

romantic ideas with photos ideasMy husband suffered a minor back injury and needed a table of a special height. I’m a re-use, recycle kind of gal and found a gently used, just right table with an inlaid glass top. It afforded me the perfect opportunity to tell him I thought of him often.

The first time he saw it, it was covered with photos under glass of good times we’d had-the usual ones of kids and friends-and he loved it. But then I got an idea-why not use it as an invitation to a date! I arranged photos of us at various dinner parties-both private and public-and whipped up a caption banner that said “Ah, the memories! Want to create more? How about dinner Friday night?” Of course, the response was positive and the “dinner date” was far more special.

Since then I’ve “tabled” many more invites including one for a special weekend getaway and a few for more impromptu “midnight snacks .” It only takes minutes to change the photos to ones of past vacations or us sharing a kiss or hug (there are lots of those!) and prepare a short caption. Now he no longer shies away from a friend’s camera-he’s already thinking of what the photo could do for his love life!